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Due to the nature of our work many of our projects are confidential and cannot be disclosured.



Planfab is a 3d printing and design bureau offering 3d printing and 3d modelling services. if you have a great idea that involves 3D graphics or/and 3D print, get in touch! We are sure that they would love to hear it…

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3D abax

3D Abax is a price calculator and business management app, for the 3d printing industry, in one. It is a highly specialized application capable of taking care all the business needs of small, medium and large 3d printing firms as well as the needs of university and organizations labs.

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TTScore is the most advanced Table Tennis Tournament Manager, implementing unique features dedicated to the special needs of Table Tennis. It is an end-to-end solution that lets you create, manage and present your events with no hustle. integrates all the official draw rules of ITTF and is already used by federations in Europe.

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Systec expertise in professional lighting and has been creating TV studios for over 25 years. We created a multilingual site with many custom features.

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Rise Custom provides top quality sports gear for competition and casual everyday use. We created a website as well as a shop tailored to their needs.

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Astrokeys is a studio that produces a wide variety of premium keycaps for mechanical keyboards. We designed a minimal, yet functional e-shop. 

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Custom Solutions

We are passionate about what we do. We like plans and ideas. If you have an awesome idea, please contact us right away!

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